Insurance for Prospect

Typical risks​​​​​​​

In connection with an IPO or other issue of securities (shares, convertibles, debt notes etc.) the company exposes itself, its Directors & Officers and its external consultants. When selling securities to external investors, prospects and the like are produced informing about the company. The information is focused on a description of the business, future plans and an extensive financial part. If the information is considered faulty, inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise deficient, investors may seek damages from the company, owners, D&O and other key people.   

​​​​​​​Besides the company, claims can accordingly be directed against individuals that may be personally liable. Large amounts can be at hand. A Prospect insurance protects the company and D&O.  
An insurance does not only cover protection against claims for damages but the insurer assists as well with: 
  • investigating whether or not liability is at hand 
  • negotiating with the counterparty 
  • representing the insured at trial and paying for trial costs 
  • paying the damages that the insured may be liable for  
AssuransSelector is involved in an insurance incident process and assits the client with help and advise. We do not leave the client alone with the insurer. Our commitment covers alla parts and processes that may be relevant.

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